Wyse Technology Introduces Two New Mobile Devices For Virtualization at VMworld Europe 08

Wyse Technology Introduces Two New Mobile Devices For Virtualization at VMworld Europe 08

New Mobile Thin Clients Deliver Richest Set of Functionality for Virtualized Environments To Date

CANNES, FRANCE – Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing, today announced at VMworld Europe 2008, the commercial availability of two of the world’s most advanced mobile thin clients — the Wyse X90L and X90Le. Designed to be the most flexible user devices in a desktop virtualization strategy, these mobile thin clients deliver a combination of superior performance, unmatched flexibility and the richest set of capabilities in the industry including;

• Gigabit Ethernet for access to the fastest corporate networks
• 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN connectivity and Cisco CCX compatibility for support for existing wireless infrastructure
• 15.4” widescreen WXGA TFT screen
• Digital (DVI) and analog (VGA) display ports
• Rich, multimedia support in virtualized desktop environments
• Express card slot for access to broadband wireless access
• Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 support to reach servers through existing Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and data plans
• SD card slot for additional storage and data sharing
• Integrated Smart card reader and Citrix Password Manager Client for 2 factor authentication support.

Adding to Wyse’s recently introduced ultra-portable mobile units, these new models are based on Microsoft Windows® XP embedded, and address desktop replacement and display oriented applications with a large, bright 15.4-inch widescreen WXGA TFT display and come standard with 1G RAM/1G Flash to address demanding user and IT needs. Wyse mobile thin clients also deliver the benefits of being totally solid-state, by eliminating fans and spinning parts, while being more secure by eliminating local data storage.

Wyse tailored its mobile thin clients to address the specific needs of industries such as healthcare, financial services and government where thin computing has always had a strong foothold but required a mobile solution. An insurance adjuster, for example, could communicate with head office and use the SD card slot to transfer photos to help expedite a claim. A doctor could access records right at the patient’s bed side without worrying about data security being breached.

“Customers have told us that it makes no sense to access a virtualized PC in the datacenter with another PC on the desktop. They want a secure device that delivers a rich experience, and they want to enable users to take that experience with them from their office, to the conference room, even moving off campus to their home or other locations,” said Jeff McNaught, Chief Marketing Officer for Wyse Technology. “We went well beyond the idea of stripping down a notebook PC, to deliver a thoughtful, future-proofed combination of performance, peripheral support, and connectivity, offering Wi-Fi b, g and even n and Bluetooth 2.0. I can access my desktop anywhere my phone works, even as a passenger in a moving car.”

With a high-performance energy conserving Via C7M ULV 1.2 GHz processor, the Wyse X90L/X90Le mobile thin client gives the best power and flexibility for a mobile user. Like all Wyse mobile thin clients, users can easily leverage desktop virtualization solutions such as Citrix Presentation Server™ and Citrix XenDesktop™, VMware® Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Microsoft® Windows Terminal Server environments as well as get access to existing back-end infrastructure using the Ericom - PowerTerm® Terminal Emulation.

Mobility away from the office or Wi-Fi is accomplished by selecting an Express Card from local wireless network providers, or through the X90Le model, which adds integrated Bluetooth 2.0 for true mobility, enabling access to networked servers via existing mobile phone data connections, saving the need for additional hardware and additional data plans.

The X90Le model also includes a built-in smart card reader with Citrix Password Manager™ pre-installed for convenient and effective two factor authentication security. And because these Wyse mobile thin clients are designed for access to applications that are fully managed in the data center, they are inherently more secure from theft, viruses and other malicious software attacks.

The new Wyse mobile thin clients come in two configurations. The X90L retails for $729 while the X90Le with built-in Bluetooth and smart card support retails for $799. Volume shipments begin immediately. With this introduction, Wyse offers the most exciting family of mobile thin clients with four models to choose from with weight as low as 3.8 Lbs, all with support for rich multimedia, USB virtualization for easy peripheral use, and multiple screen support. For more information on Wyse mobile thin clients solutions visit www.wyse.com/products/hardware/thinclients/.