Wyse Delivers Support for USB Devices with Groundbreaking Desktop Virtualization Software

Wyse Delivers Support for USB Devices with Groundbreaking Desktop Virtualization Software

Wyse Software Offers “Plug and Play” Peripheral Support for Virtual Desktops Expanding the Appeal of the Architecture

CANNES, FRANCE – Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing, announced today that its Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer software has been expanded to support desktops based on Microsoft® Windows XP Embedded at VMworld Europe 2008. Wyse thin computing users can access, deploy and manage USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices, in the same way as a PC, in a virtualized desktop environment.

Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer works transparently to users enabling them to simply plug in their USB peripheral, and get to work on a Citrix® XenDesktop or VMware® Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) virtualized desktop environment.

That’s all there is to it. Printers, scanners, CD and DVD readers, memory keys, audio players, and a whole host of other devices work just as they would on a traditional client/server PC. The user experience is the same, and IT controls which devices are allowed, and which are not. This eliminates a major challenge in deploying desktop virtualization across more demanding knowledge workers as well as task workers.

With this software, users simply connect authorized USB based-peripherals to the thin client - no local driver required. The appropriate driver is installed at the server through the traditional wizard and manages the functionality of the peripheral. This gives users more simplicity, flexibility and options when rolling-out thin client implementations.

“We’ve broadened the appeal of our Wyse TCX Virtualizer software by adding Microsoft Windows Embedded support,” said Curt Schwebke, Chief Technology Officer for Wyse Technology, Inc. “We’ve simplified the deployment and management of peripheral devices in virtual desktop environments, which just wasn’t possible in the past. Our customers are demanding this type of flexibility so they can work and access information more dynamically. This type of innovation also puts us at the forefront of not only developments in thin computing but desktop virtualization as well.”

The range of peripherals supported by Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer is very comprehensive. Wyse thin client users running Microsoft Windows XP Embedded will be able to access hundreds of USB devices including printers, scanners, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or floppy disk peripherals, storage devices, Palm®, BlackBerry, Apple®, and Microsoft® Pocket PC handhelds, as easily as with a PC.

“By using TCX USB Virtualizer we’re able to dramatically streamline and improve our IT procedures,” said William Lewkowski, Chief Information Officer at Metro Health Hospital. “The software gives our users a dynamic way of accessing information without it posing an administrative headache or compromising security. They now get a plug and play experience from their USB devices once connected directly to our virtualized PC without needing any manual configuration from the IT department. It really simplifies things and we definitely plan on using it moving forward.”

Wyse TCX Virtualizer is available immediately priced at $25.00 per-seat. For more information on how Wyse TCX Virtualizer can enrich any thin computing environment visit http://www.wyse.com/products/software.