Vodafone UK Selects Neverfail To Offer Uninterrupted Availability Service For Blackberry

Vodafone UK Selects Neverfail To Offer Uninterrupted Availability Service For Blackberry

Vodafone UK today announced that it has completed a deal with Neverfail, a leading global software company providing affordable continuous availability and disaster recovery solutions. Vodafone will now offer business customers a high availability and disaster recovery service for mobile email using the Neverfail software.

In today’s business environment access to email whilst on the move is a key requirement for many organizations. Losing email access, even for a short time, can have drastic consequences for businesses. The Vodafone Neverfail High Availability Service for BlackBerryĂ’ will provide uninterrupted availability of BlackBerry services to Vodafone business customers.

The Vodafone Neverfail High Availability Service for BlackBerry monitors the health of the entire email environment, including the server hardware, the network infrastructure, the application and the operating system. If any anomalies are identified, Neverfail will immediately take action to prevent loss of service. It will either automatically attempt to restart applications before they fail, switch over to a secondary server, or alert the IT staff so that no downtime or loss of service is experienced. Once the issue is resolved, they are automatically switched back to the main servers and neither users nor administrators are required to restart their applications.

“As market leader in the UK in providing BlackBerry services, it was important to be able to offer robust access to email. By adding Neverfail’s solution into our Managed Service portfolio, we can offer enormous service expertise to protect critical parts of our customers’ IT infrastructure,” said Curt Hopkins, Head of Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Vodafone UK. “Neverfail has an enviable reputation for protecting mission-critical systems with its continuous availability solutions and we have selected them as our preferred provider for high availability and disaster recovery for BlackBerry and email implementations.”

“Vodafone as a company relies on continuous mobile access to email and we have also selected the Neverfail solution to use within our own organization,” continued Hopkins. “Having complete confidence that email will be available 24/7 365 days a year is a significant advantage as many key staff depend on access via Blackberry devices in order to fulfil their roles.”

“Vodafone is well ahead of the general telecommunications market. Rather than just providing handsets and airtime minutes, Vodafone is offering strategic services, such as high availability, to support the entire BlackBerry platform,” said Richard Ruddlesden, EMEA Channel Director, Neverfail. “We are very pleased that Vodafone has selected us to offer its customers an exceptional communications experience that is the best in the industry.”

Vodafone Managed Services will work in partnership with Neverfail in the UK to offer customers advanced capabilities such as continuous availability for mobile devices and communications solutions from RIM, Microsoft and IBM Lotus Notes.