Vignette personalises the web

Vignette personalises the web

Web content management firm offers site owners more tools to improve the user experience

Vignette has released three new products designed to help firms offer
more personalised internet experiences to their customers, generate
greater loyalty and boost spending.

Vignette Recommendations is new technology that tracks a user's journey
through the a site and compares this with the experiences a collective
group of users has also had on that site, to dynamically serve up
relevant content or search results, explained Vignette's Guy Westlake.

"It's about getting the best return and getting the greatest customer
satisfaction - which has proven to be the hardest for firms to achieve,"
he added. "But if loyalty is maintained in customers it can drive
significant revenue for the business."

Vignette also launched enhancements to its Rich Media Services product
module including additional language support, enhanced metadata capture
and a new desktop client created using Adobe's newly-launched Air
runtime environment.

The web content management firm also announced a web analytics product,
powered by Omniture's Site Catalyst solution, which can provide firms
with insight into how customers use their sites.

The announcements form part of Vignette's personalisation push for its Web Experience Platform, said Westlake.