Streamezzo Unleashes Its Open Development Platform For The Mobile Ecosystem

Streamezzo Unleashes Its Open Development Platform For The Mobile Ecosystem

The Only Proven Universal Software Platform is Now Open and Freely Available for Developing Compelling Rich Media Applications and Services that Overcome the Mobile Industry’s Technical Challenges and Fragmentation

Mobile World Congress 2008 (Hall 7, Stand 7C28) – Barcelona, Spain – Streamezzo, a pioneering software provider that is unifying the mobile ecosystem through its Universal Rich Media Platform, today announced the general availability of Streamezzo Workbench SDK – Streamezzo’s open development environment. Today’s announcement empowers developers, system integrators and the rest of the mobile community to develop mobile applications once and run them in virtually any mobile environment, overcoming one of the industry’s greatest hurdles. In announcing the open availability of Streamezzo Workbench SDK, Streamezzo will spur innovation and accelerate the deployment of compelling, user-centric rich media mobile applications and services throughout the mobile Internet.

“Cellular data services, mobile Internet, and upcoming 4G technologies hold out the promise of Internet-like ubiquity for mobile applications, but the sheer complexity of porting code to dozens of platforms and hundreds of devices is delaying the market,” said Gerry Kaufhold, Principal Analyst with In-Stat. “Streamezzo’s solution presents a breakthrough that can jump start revenues for carriers, content providers and application developers.”

Streamezzo’s Universal Rich Media Platform overcomes the myriad technology issues and industry fragmentation that have thwarted mobile innovation and slowed the adoption of enhanced mobile services. Streamezzo solves these limitations with an innovative client/server architecture that operates at a layer above the chaos and complexities associated with operating systems and handsets. Streamezzo’s platform is certified on over 250 mobile devices and supports all major operating systems/platforms, including: Windows Mobile, Symbian , Brew , Java, Linux, and most recently Android.

“Content providers and application developers spend considerable time and effort creating and adapting rich content and services for the complexities of today’s mobile environment. Instead of adapting existing content, these resources could be better invested in the creation of new content, application innovation, and the marketing of existing titles, which would substantially enhance mobile content and services penetration,” said James Brehm, Senior Consultant, Mobile Communications Practice, Frost & Sullivan. “Frost & Sullivan believes that the Streamezzo platform is a breakthrough in solving one of the mobile industry’s great challenges.”

The open availability of Streamezzo Workbench SDK reinforces the company’s commitment to the widespread deployment and adoption of ubiquitous rich media services offering the ultimate user experience. Now, developers can dramatically reduce the time, cost and complexity of mobile application development by leveraging Streamezzo’s Universal Rich Media Platform to develop and deploy applications that are “write once - run anywhere.”

“We’ve spent the last 3 years creating and perfecting a software platform that solves our industry’s technical challenges, and our technology has been proven in deployments with some of the world’s largest operators and handset manufacturers,” said Alain Blancquart, CEO of Streamezzo. “The Android initiative claims to strive for similar goals, yet its approach does not solve the issues of fragmentation or competing mobile standards, and its ability to deliver an enhanced user experience remains to be seen.”

Members of Streamezzo’s open developer community can freely download the tools needed to build and deploy custom applications and plug-ins using Streamezzo’s Workbench SDK, which includes coding features to provide contextual assistance for streamlined coding and validation, along with an integrated emulator to further enhance developer productivity.

The complete Streamezzo Workbench SDK, including documentation, code samples and APIs, can be freely accessed effective February 25, 2008 via Streamezzo’s website.