SkyRecon Systems updates StormShield console

SkyRecon Systems updates StormShield console

Updates to SkyRecon's management console promise better security controls

Endpoint security firm SkyRecon Systems has released version 5 of its StormShield product.

SkyRecon said that they key additions to the management console were improved compliance and reporting tools, as well as multi-layered protection for both systems and data. Overall, the firm said, StormShield can protect businesses from data loss and theft, system misuse, unauthorised access and zero day attacks.

StormShield is a management console, so will need to be used in conjunction with other security tools, such as anti-virus products. However, once in place it can control the use of USB keys, and other such devices, and protect firms against wireless security hacks, and buffer overflow attacks.

StormShield version 5 is available from the end of February and costs from £52 per end point user, or £30 for firms with over 100,000 end points. An Ultimate edition will sell for £92, and £59 respectively.