Sierra Wireless introduces AirLink Mobile and M2M product line to European market

Sierra Wireless introduces AirLink Mobile and M2M product line to European market

Rugged, intelligent wireless communications platforms offer solutions for utilities, public safety, transportation, financial transactions and infrastructure monitoring

Mobile World Congress, BARCELONA, Spain – Sierra Wireless today announced the availability of the AirLink line of intelligent Mobile and M2M devices throughout Europe. Commercial shipments are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2008, and Sierra Wireless is featuring the AirLink Mobile and M2M product line in the company’s pavilion, located on the Avenue at AV99, at Mobile World Congress, held February 11 - 14 in Barcelona, Spain.

“The expansion of mobile broadband networks across Europe has opened up new opportunities for enterprises to improve business processes by utilizing wireless data in a variety of critical applications, such as remote data collection, security and infrastructure monitoring, fleet management, and mobile point-of-sale transactions,” said Jim Lahey, vice president, EMEA for Sierra Wireless. “Our AirLink line of intelligent, rugged devices and software tools has been offering reliable data solutions in North American markets for over a decade, and we’re pleased to now be able to deliver these products to our customers across Europe.”

Sierra Wireless’s European launch includes the AirLink PinPoint X in-vehicle modem and the AirLink Raven X fixed wireless gateway, featuring HSUPA technology. Also being introduced is the AirLink Raven XT, a simplified, compact unit running on the GPRS networks widely available throughout Europe. These devices join the already deployed MP 875 rugged wireless modem as the Sierra Wireless family of AirLink Mobile and M2M devices.

Embedded Intelligence
Sierra Wireless AirLink devices are powered by ALEOS embedded intelligence. ALEOS, available only on the AirLink line of devices, simplifies installation, deployment and management of any wireless solution. Compatible with numerous machine protocols, ALEOS streamlines integration with a broad set of legacy equipment. In addition, ALEOS ensures a persistent network connection and enables extensive remote management and diagnostics, all of which are vital in remote, unmanned operations where physical access is difficult and expensive.

Remote Management and Control
AirLink devices are also supported by AceWare, the comprehensive line of tools and utilities offered exclusively by Sierra Wireless. Deeply integrated with ALEOS, AceWare applications simplify deployment and management of wireless solutions by providing device setup and provisioning, remote control, configuration, and management of installed communications platforms.

Rugged and Intelligent Devices
The AirLink PinPoint X is an intelligent in-vehicle platform embedded with ALEOS technology, enabling robust device configuration and network session persistence. Equipped with a high precision GPS receiver and advanced remote management capabilities, the PinPoint X is well-suited for a wide variety of mobile data and location applications requiring real-time and continual data access.

Built on a robust processing environment and featuring embedded ALEOS intelligence and both Serial and Ethernet ports, the AirLink Raven X is designed to support today’s highest speed cellular networks. The Raven X is an ideal solution for any application requiring unmanned access to high-speed wireless data, including retail or point-of-sale kiosks, wireless entertainment, and video surveillance.

Powered by ALEOS, the AirLink Raven XT is an intelligent, compact M2M platform enabling remote access and control of valuable assets. Equipped with a serial port, compatible with numerous machine protocols, and safe for use in hazardous environments, the Raven XT is an ideal solution for a long list of industrial communication solutions, including energy production and distribution, electric utilities, automation, and various infrastructure control and monitoring applications.

All Sierra Wireless Mobile and M2M HSUPA devices are fully backward compatible to HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, and GPRS networks.