Sierra Wireless Embedded Modules Provide Communications Link for Becker Marine Systems’ Network

Sierra Wireless Embedded Modules Provide Communications Link for Becker Marine Systems’ Network

Integrated Sierra Wireless modules link mariners worldwide with vital networks and information when in port or near shore

Mobile World Congress, BARCELONA, Spain – Sierra Wireless and Becker Marine Systems Communication today announced that Becker Marine Systems has integrated the Sierra Wireless MC8780 and the MC5725 embedded modules into its umc.connect communication server, which provides a critical link for mariners worldwide who stay in touch using the Becker Marine Systems Communication network.

The network combines wireless LAN, cellular communications, and satellite communications into a single transparent global network and accompanying on-board communications system that can be accessed seamlessly by seagoing vessels. As part of this on-board system, the embedded Sierra Wireless modules provide a 2G or 3G broadband mobile data connection for vessels near shore or in ports around the world.

”The network managed services provide huge cost savings for ship2shore and shore2ship communication, since it roams seamlessly between any satellite service towards any 2GSM, 3GSM and wireless LAN service available. Thus, communication becomes much more cost effective, streamlines business operation and improves crew morale. The Sierra Wireless MC8780 has been proven as the most robust and flexible module for the very harsh environment on seagoing vessels,” stated Thomas Mueller, Managing Director of Becker Marine Systems Communication.

“The network offers a vital link for mariners worldwide, who are often away from home for weeks or even months at a time,” said Jim Lahey, Vice President, EMEA for Sierra Wireless. “It’s a classic example of how wireless connectivity can improve the ability of mobile workers to stay in contact with home and access the information they need wherever they are.”

Sierra Wireless Embedded Modules

The MC8780 embedded module offers tri-band UMTS/HSPA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE network access for roaming on mobile broadband networks worldwide. The MC8780 also offers Receive Diversity and GPS support.

The MC5725 module offers connectivity to EV-DO Revision A networks and is compatible with EV-DO Release 0 and CDMA 1X networks for seamless connectivity in areas without EV-DO Rev A network coverage.

Designed for integration into notebook computers, fixed wireless terminals, and other devices requiring high-speed wireless connectivity, Sierra Wireless embedded modules are fully shielded and offer an operating temperature range of -25 to +60 degrees Celsius to suit all applications.