SanDisk eases mobile TV delivery

SanDisk eases mobile TV delivery

Card-based system for mobile TV and PVR

SanDisk has teamed up with SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in Korea, to develop a platform for mobile television and personal video recording.

Mobile subscribers will soon be able to view and record paid-for mobile TV content using technology and services from SK Telecom and SanDisk's TrustedFlash-enabled memory cards.

Copyright and technical issues mean that almost all mobile TV services can be provided only via a streaming service, which is highly dependant on network coverage and bandwidth availability.

SanDisk has helped to alleviate some of these issues with its TrustedFlash range, which includes security technology for storing personal and private data.

The system securely preloads, downloads and side-loads premium content on Flash memory cards in mobile phones and other consumer electronics products.

Dr Se-Hyun Oh, president of SK Telecom, said: "SanDisk and SK Telecom can allow mobile TV users more freedom to enjoy the purchased content, and allow mobile TV operators to adopt a variety of pricing and business models."

The new system enables mobile network operators to offer premium mobile TV services that can be securely recorded on TrustedFlash-enabled memory cards, while protecting against unauthorised transfer or distribution.

Storing the content on a removable memory card allows subscribers to bring paid mobile TV content with them when upgrading handsets, or port it to other devices such as a personal media player or PC.

"By offering new technology embedded in our products, SanDisk and SK Telecom are offering new capabilities to mobile network operators that enable them to provide more value to subscribers," said Farshid Sabet, vice president and general manager of SanDisk's Mobile Network Operators division.

Both companies said that the system can also be used for content distribution such as games, movies and electronic books.