Resilient systems continuity solution that protects organisations from routine interruptions available for the enterprise

Resilient systems continuity solution that protects organisations from routine interruptions available for the enterprise

Business Interruption Protection Service – BIPs - with unique 15 minute SLA

A fully managed ‘black box’ systems continuity solution that protects organisations from routine interruptions to service and disasters to IT systems is available from Capital Continuity, the business interruption protection specialist.

Business Interruption Protection Service (BIPs) is a data protection and system continuity solution that is designed to provide organisations with real time system protection and rapid recovery of failed systems all in a fully managed end-to-end service.

Nigel Hoggart, Director, Capital Continuity, stated: “BIPs is a fully resourced and managed service, ideal in meeting the requirements of organisations that are driven through legislation, regulation or good business practice to seek a resilient system continuity solution,”

“Our experience in the market indicates that in developing continuity plans, many organisations have discovered that despite the significant investment they have made in product and process, their plans risk failure due to the challenges of recovering IT systems from point in time back-ups, with the resultant loss in data and uncertainty on the recovery time. This is what BIPs addresses head-on,’ he added.

Traditionally businesses find attempting to recover IT systems from a point in time system back-up onto a replacement hardware system is disruptive, time consuming and risks loss of unbacked-up business transactions.

BIPs is unique in that it is the only service available that provides the complete technical solution for protecting data in real time, recovering systems to a useable state and managing the migration of the recovered systems back into the production environment.

For many organisations driven by the changes to the market through regulation and legislation, the level of increased scrutiny has meant an increased focus on business continuity planning. But the traditional threat to a business – that of the usability of a building – is insignificant compared to the risks of suffering a failure in critical IT systems resulting in significant loss of business transactions and systems downtime – BIPs protects against both scenarios.

The solution protects IT systems in real time either locally or remotely to a second site. BIPs also provides near Continuous Data Protection (CDP) through the implementation of snap shot technology. In so doing it protects systems from viruses and other data corruption.

“We guarantee that we can recover a failed server within 15 minutes, independent of storage capacity with minimal loss of data, all backed up by a Service Level Agreement,” added Nigel Hoggart. “Furthermore, BIPs manages the migration of the recovered systems back to the production environment when the customers’ equipment has been repaired or replaced.”

The BIPs service offers:
Business interruption protection from:
• Small disasters e.g. IT failure
• Large disasters – e.g. building exclusion
A 15 minute bare-metal recovery of a failed server
• With minimal data loss
• Backed up by an SLA
• Independent of data size or storage capacity
Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP) against viruses and other corruption
Managed Fail-Back to the Production Environment
Reduction in resources for system disaster recovery testing
• Remote system recovery testing
• Eliminating off-site system disaster recovery tests

BIPs includes all:
• Hardware
• Software
• Technical skills
• 24/7 service management