Redknee Ranked Leader in Real-Time Turnkey Converged Billing

Redknee Ranked Leader in Real-Time Turnkey Converged Billing

TORONTO – Redknee Solutions Inc., a leading provider of innovative software that monetizes and personalizes services and content for mobile operators, today announced that OSS Observer has ranked Redknee’s Turnkey Converged Billing solution as a market leader in converged pre- and post-paid charging as published in the report, “Real-Time Charging Outlook”, November 2007.

“Redknee is an industry leader in real-time convergent charging with a number of deployments worldwide and a growing base of converged billing customers particularly in the emerging markets such as South East Asia, Middle East and Africa,” said Larry Goldman, Co-Founder & Senior Analyst at OSS Observer. “Redknee has deployed a number of full-fledged truly convergent systems worldwide, strengthening their product leadership position in the market.”

The report also distinguishes Redknee as one of only two vendors in the marketplace today to have truly convergent charging capabilities inherent within its core technology. A key benefit of Redknee’s solution to mobile operators is the reduction of architectural and operational complexity that enables a faster time-to-market of services and applications as well as reduced ongoing total cost of ownership.

“We are pleased to be recognized as a market leader in converged billing by OSS Observer,” said Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO of Redknee. “With a number of deployments worldwide, our Turnkey Converged Billing solution has a proven track record in providing mobile operators with powerful, resilient, and scalable technologies to improve their market position and financial performance.”

Operators that have implemented the Redknee Turnkey Converged Billing solution are reporting increases in average call duration of 10 to 30 percent and increases in top-ups of up to 20 percent. One of Redknee’s many leading customers, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (“TSTT”), the top operator in Trinidad, deployed the converged billing solution in 2005. Since then, TSTT has realized significant customer growth from 600,000 to over 1 million customers in a competitive environment – an increase of more than 60 percent. Moreover, Redknee’s converged billing solution enabled TSTT to double customer SMS usage and more than triple self-care queries and recharges.

The Redknee Turnkey Converged Billing solution for voice, data, and messaging integrates easily with existing core network elements and delivers a functionally-rich platform that extends beyond basic rating/charging/billing models. The industry-leading solution enables operators to differentiate their service offerings in markets that have recently opened up to new competition.

Leading operators in emerging markets are using innovative pricing models as well as real-time promotions and analytics to enhance the value of services to a variety of subscriber segments while increasing the overall average revenue per user (ARPU). Operators, like TSTT, are turning to Redknee’s Turnkey Converged Billing solution to define a differentiated and superior customer experience. This enriched experience, in turn, attracts new customers and increases the use of standard and enhanced value-added voice, messaging, and data services while providing the underlying framework for the next generation of IP multi-media services.