Qosmos Partners With Continuous Computing to Deliver Advanced Information Extraction and DPI Software Functionalities on 10GbE FlexTCA Systems

Qosmos Partners With Continuous Computing to Deliver Advanced Information Extraction and DPI Software Functionalities on 10GbE FlexTCA Systems

Qosmos Qoala Information Extraction and DPI Software Development Kit Further Enhances Continuous Computing’s FlexTCA Traffic Management and Security Capabilities

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS (BARCELONA), PARIS, AND SAN DIEGO – Continuous Computing, global provider of integrated systems and services that enable telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) to rapidly deploy Next Generation Networks (NGN), today announced that Qosmos, the industry leader in high level information extraction solutions based on advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, plans to deliver the Qosmos Qoala Information Extraction and DPI software platform on Continuous Computing’s family of 10GbE FlexTCA fully-integrated systems.

The combined solution enables service providers to understand and manage the traffic traveling across their NGN IP networks. For example, with DPI, operators are able to ensure optimal quality of service (QoS) for customers, launch new services targeted at end-user behavior, supply customers with detailed reports and billing service updates, and reduce support costs by optimising troubleshooting processes.

“While operators strive to improve the speed and capacity of their IP networks, DPI enables them to identify customer applications being used and ascertain where the traffic is going,” said Mike Dagenais, president and chief executive officer at Continuous Computing. “By using DPI technology, service providers are able to tap into new revenue streams by offering additional levels of service – from application-based tiers to content-charging plans – and not just the typical speed-based packages that we have seen in previous years. This capability is good for revenue as well as for customer satisfaction.”

Qosmos’ Qoala Software Development Kit (SDK) will be ported onto Continuous Computing’s FlexPacket ATCA-PP50 packet processing blade. The PP50 is integrated with the FlexCore ATCA-FM40 10GbE base / fabric switch as part of the FlexTCA system to provide the highest levels of packet processing in order to implement new DPI applications. The addition of Qosmos’ Qoala Information Extraction and DPI software platform builds on Continuous Computing’s comprehensive suite of application-enabling Trillium System Software which includes Trillium control and data plane protocols, Trillium load balancing, Trillium high availability middleware, and Trillium high availability switching software.

“We are pleased to work with Continuous Computing and leverage their FlexTCA DPI system for a new level of innovative performance,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, chief executive officer at Qosmos. “With the Qosmos Qoala SDK, we are able to provide a powerful and portable solution to extract critical information from IP traffic at network speed in order to perform in-depth analysis of network performance, security, applications, and usage, as well as develop a large array of higher value applications.”

Continuous Computing’s PP50 packet processing blade is engineered to meet the application needs of next generation infrastructure including IPTV, radio network controllers (RNC), security gateways, session border controllers, WiMAX base station aggregation, and wireless xGSNs. The PP50 provides superior performance via one or two discrete multi-core RMI XLR732 MIPS64 packet processors. Each processor provides eight multi-threaded cores and contains a built-in security co-processor capable of handling up to 10Gbps of bulk encryption / decryption (20Gbps per blade). The PP50 supports each processor with up to 8GB of memory (16GB per blade) as well as access to a TCAM and content-based processors via mezzanines.

Qoala is the market’s first Information Extraction and DPI software platform, incorporating a powerful Layer 2 to 7 classification engine and a comprehensive library of protocol and application signatures regularly updated, for extracting information from IP networks at the finest granular level, in real time and at network line rate. Offering the highest application and protocol recognition rate of all solutions on the market, Qoala empowers the development of new revenue-generating services demanding accurate monitoring and extraction of key data traveling over IP networks. The Qoala solution enables network equipment providers, system integrators, and software vendors to build a large range of innovative services such as data leak prevention, Web and IPTV audience measurements, network and business application optimization, service quality and customer experience management, intercept applications, policy enforcement applications, targeted advertising campaigns, and content-based billing systems.

To learn more about the Continuous Computing family of FlexTCA systems, please visit www.ccpu.com/systems/, or stop by the Continuous Computing booth in Hall 1 (Stand 1F04) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from February 11-14, 2008. Qosmos will present its unique Information Extraction and Deep Packet Inspection software and hardware platforms in Hall 2 (Stand 2A102, ground floor).