POLATIS launches high speed optical switch module for reconfigurable optical networks

POLATIS launches high speed optical switch module for reconfigurable optical networks

New module addresses need for fast protection and switching for carrier customers

Billerica, MA., Cambridge, UK – Polatis Inc., a supplier of high performance optical switch technologies, today announced its new high speed network optical switch module (N-OSM), the first all-optical matrix switch capable of addressing the need for fast switching and protection in the optical layer. The product will be demonstrated on the Polatis booth (#2615) at OFC 2008.

The Polatis Network-Optical Switch Module (N-OSM) is a high performance, fully non-blocking optical switch designed for OEM integration into optical transport and switching systems. Designed specifically for network operators and carrier equipment manufacturers, it is an ideal product where small size, speed and superior optical performance are required.

“The evolving landscape of data and communication networks has created a very real demand for flexible management of the transport layer,” states Aaron Bent, Polatis VP of Sales and Marketing. “Carriers are looking for better ways to manage their network resources, not just for provisioning of services, but also for non-intrusive - live - traffic switching and fast protection at the optical-layer.

“The Polatis N-OSM provides a new capability for access, metro, storage, undersea, and core networks.”

The N-OSM features a fast dedicated RS232 serial interface for minimal communications latency, and is capable of completing an entire matrix switch-over in less than 10 milliseconds. It has low electrical power consumption, and contains all necessary drive and control electronics integrated into the module. 16x16 module sizes support integration onto a 6U card form factor, and both standard and extended (hermetic) packaging are available.

Like all Polatis products, the N-OSM offers industry-leading optical performance, with ultra-low insertion loss, high signal stability and minimal polarization dependent loss. The switches are bi-directional, fully non-blocking, protocol and bit rate independent, and can handle high optical powers while also being capable of dark fiber switching. The N-OSM is ideal for hybrid OEO/OOO grooming switches, GMPLS and mesh networking, IP over optical, DWDM ROADM, and equipment or path-protection switching.

The N-OSM will also form the core of all Polatis network optical switch tray products. The switching fabric can be paired with integrated optical power monitors for automated fail-over to pre-provisioned protection paths. Both optical switch modules and optical switch trays have a dedicated ultra low latency communications channel for externally-triggered protection switching.