Polar Rose Face-Recognition Search Engine

Polar Rose Face-Recognition Search Engine

Polar Rose Face-Recognition Search EngineA new search tool, Polar Rose, now searches the ‘contents’ of pics and photos. The search engine is not to be confused with the image search that google or yahoo offer today, they retrieve images whose label matches the search string. They are often misleading.

According to the Swedish company the tool could search for similar looking photographs across the Web. It analyses digital photos to locate faces, then convert the data from 2D images to 3d models called faceprints. These faceprints can be compared with other faceprints to find the match. Interestingly look alikes could pose a problem to the software!

Polar Rose would allow the users to annote the photo with descriptive details.

No doubt that this would ignite a new visual era of the web. The photo searches would be more accurate but new privacy concerns are now widely discussed! However, the company said it would only search through publicly available photographs on the web.

Polar Rose' logo is a flower shaped mathematical curve used to plot 2D coordinates.