Pitney Bowes MapInfo selected for OGCbuying.solutions framework agreement

Pitney Bowes MapInfo selected for OGCbuying.solutions framework agreement

New Catalist framework agreement eases public sector access to location intelligence solutions

Windsor – Pitney Bowes MapInfo has been selected as a Catalist supplier on OGCbuying.solutions’ Geographic Information Services and Systems framework agreement, which was awarded this month.

As the sole provider of location intelligence solutions of the ten GIS providers listed in categories 2 and 3 – Map Making Services and Data Capture, Analysis and Manipulation respectively – these awards will be strongly beneficial for public sector procurement of Pitney Bowes MapInfo Strategy and Analytics solutions and Location Reporting Services (LRS).

Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s Strategy and Analytics offers innovative research, forecasting and modelling solutions focused on market and community analysis for selecting locations for facilities and resources that allow public sector organisations to better serve their citizens and customers. Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s LRS provides an array of outsourced consulting services to meet its clients’ needs, including: citizen/customer mapping, cartographic presentation, sales transfer studies and forecasting, field research, strategic deployment evaluation, budgeting assessments and market research.

The GISS framework agreement builds on Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s existing Catalist ICT framework agreements, where the company is now accredited in multiple categories, helping to simplify the ways in which public sector bodies can access broad location intelligence solutions. Using the framework agreement it is possible to place orders for both Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s market-leading GIS server and desktop software together with the Confirm asset management suite and GeoPlatform applications. The award comprehensively covers associated deployment services such as implementation, integration, training, support and hosting.

“The GISS Catalist awards are a valuable complement to our existing ICT listings,” says John O’Hara, Executive Vice President, International, Pitney Bowes MapInfo.

“We serve many public sector procurement contracts with location intelligence solutions through our ICT listings; however, our presence in two of the core GIS categories helps our customers to quickly identify Pitney Bowes MapInfo in their search for market-leading location-based solutions within the GIS arena.”

Significant numbers of local and central government organisations and agencies have placed orders with Pitney Bowes MapInfo through the ICT category, representing business contracts running into the millions. Knowlsey Metropolitan Borough Council recently placed orders for a broad range of Confirm asset management and PlanWeb software and associated implementation services. Andrew Garden, Head of IT at Knowlsey, commented: “Catalist is an excellent and cost-effective method for us to procure our software and services. Doing business with Pitney Bowes MapInfo through Catalist was very straightforward and made the process that much easier.”