Phishers target HMRC data-loss victims

Phishers target HMRC data-loss victims

Emails offering compensation may mean criminals are using information, says McAfee

Phishers could be targeting the 25 million people whose confidential details were on computer discs lost by HM Revenue and Customs late last year a security specialist fears.

The emails tell recipients that they are entitled to a tax refund and refer them to a site where they can allegedly get it.

The messages could have been sent from any of the email lists used by criminals. But Greg Day, security analyst at McAfee, said it could mean the phishers needed to "top up" information obtained from the missing disks.

McAfee has had the phishing site closed down but that does not mean the same scam will not be launched using another site.

"The good thing is that anyone on the HMRC discs is likely to be extra wary, and less likely to be taken in."