On Amazon, Some Fine Points on Windows Server 2008

On Amazon, Some Fine Points on Windows Server 2008

There have been an awful lot of pixels, and an awful lot of ink, devoted to Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Server 2008. Some of the most interesting comes from Amazon.com, where you can learn the following:

- Amazon is offering Windows Server Standard 2008 5 Client for only eight points below list - - indicating that somebody in the retail chain doesn't see the need to hack and slash their way to a fast start with the new operating system (although Amazon, as usual, is offering a pre-order price guarantee if the $949.99 discount price is cut further);

- With a couple of weeks until Amazon starts shipping Windows Server 2008, the OS is hovering at about 10,000 on Amazon's overall "best seller" list counting advance orders; that's not great compared to most other software products but actually pretty good for enterprise software;

- Who actually buys enterprise software through Amazon, anyway?

(And, note to Microsoft Marketing: the descriptive blurb on Amazon about Hyper-V, the virtualization technology that will work hand-in-glove with Server 2008, makes no mention that Hyper-V won't be generally released for several months after Server 2008. Hyper-V looked great to us in beta, but it was made clear to us that it will be in beta for a while after Server 2008 hits the market.)