Ofcom announces microwave spectrum auction results

Ofcom announces microwave spectrum auction results

T-Mobile, BT and Orange spend hundreds of thousand on the freed up spectrum

UK comms regulator Ofcom has announced the results (PDF) of its fourth auction of radio spectrum licences. The high frequency spectrum up for grabs in the range 10-40GHz, can be used to bridge wireless links up to 12Km away.

The online auction raised nearly £1.5 million, with T-Mobile UK shelling out the most, at £321,000, and Orange Personal Communications Services, Arqiva, BT, MLL Broadband and UK Broadband all buying spectrum costing more than £100,000.

BT paid £183,000 for 2 x 126MHz in the 32GHz band, Orange paid £272,130 for 2 x 252MHz in the 32GHz band, while T-Mobile paid £321,000 for 2 x 80MHz in the 10GHz band, 2 x 252MHz in the 32GHz band and 2 x 250MHz in 40GHz band.

Ofcom said in December when it announced the auction that the spectrum would be released "on a technology and service neutral basis, and all licenses granted will be tradable". It means flexibility to decide what technology to use, what services to offer and to change their use of the spectrum over time.