New technology aims to close backdoor threats

New technology aims to close backdoor threats

Veracode updates its software-as-a-service

On-demand app security testing provider Veracode today launched new technology designed to improve malware and backdoor detection for developers and software buyers.

Backdoor threats can be inserted by "bad actors" in the development process, or by accident when code writers leave old debugging code in the final version, according to Veracode's chief technology officer, Chris Wysopal.

The vendor first conducted extensive research into backdoor threats to create four distinct categories, before writing scans to detect these different types of threat, he explained.

"The biggest category was unintentional debugging code," he added. " [Traditional security] is very mature now so attacks are moving towards the applications, because developers make mistakes and attackers take advantage. Offering this as a service means we can be the intermediary between customer and development teams"

Wysopal also argued that by creating a taxonomy of backdoor threats, the firm could help to educate the marketplace about these often overlooked threats.