NEC polishes recycling offering with UltraClean

NEC polishes recycling offering with UltraClean

Vendor takes a step towards helping firms solve the headache of disposing of old IT equipment with free service

NEC Computers has unveiled a free hardware recycling service aimed at business users.

The UltraClean Service allows firms to use NEC to remove redundant IT hardware including CRT monitors and other equipment in accordance with EU regulations. It includes the return and disposal of a minimum of 50 units including desktops, notebooks, monitors, printers and servers and is regardless of the equipment manufacturer.

It involves the collection of material from the specified site, handling of materials to be destroyed, transport to official recycling sites, supply of official documentation and coordination of the entire operation.

Dave Burns, UK Service Manager, NEC Computers, said: “We have consistently strived to be environmentally aware both in developing our products and in supporting our customers, as such, UltraClean is a natural progression for us. We know that customers, especially within the public sector, are increasingly ecologically aware and demand their suppliers reflect their own commitment to reducing environmental impact of IT.

"We believe that UltraClean will go a long way to ensure that NEC Computers remains at the forefront of environmental matters within the marketplace. We encourage all of our customers and partners to take advantage of this free initiative to see how effective it is.”

In keeping with the EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, NEC’s UltraClean Service also supplies a report specifying the removal of hazardous substances, detailing which items can be safely recycled.

To initiate the service NEC needs information such as where the equipment is, quantity and size of equipment and special requirements for collection.