Myntra Launches an On-Demand Platform for Personalized Merchandise

Myntra Launches an On-Demand Platform for Personalized Merchandise announced the launch of its on-demand platform for personalized merchandise like T-shirts, Calendars, mugs, watches, teddy bears, and other products today. The company specializes in providing a one of its kind service in India where users can create their own product using their own photographs, designs, text captions, or by picking from Myntra’s large database of designs. is also a marketplace for designers where creative people can simply upload their designs and earn a royalty every time their design sells. In addition to this, Myntra also runs multiple contests every month like “Public ka Picasso”, “Paint-your-tee”, and so on where designers can win prize money up to Rs 25,000. Myntra has 100’s of active designers who create designs for every occasion like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and also on current affairs like the cricket controversy.

Though it has been running on beta for the last few months, has been extremely popular with people from different walks of life. The website traffic has been increasing at an astounding pace and it has earned a large loyal user base. There are people who have bought as many as six times over last 9 months. A user Preeti says that “every time I have a friend’s birthday, I simply log on to and create a gift that stands out”. Another huge user base is the college kids or the gen Y who want to express their opinions in a constructive and creative way.

Myntra has also made considerable headway in attracting small groups of friends or colleagues who want to create a group identity. An example of this is a group of graduating college students from Bangalore who wanted their caricatures to be printed on T-shirts as a way to represent their time together. This is also true for project groups in multi-national companies who want to create their own identity within the organization.

Myntra’s team of IIT and IIM graduates have built a robust platform for on-demand customization. This framework enables partners to monetize their content and offer value added services to their users easily. Even before it completes its first birthday, Myntra has successfully integrated with over 10 prominent companies. One of the partners is that allows their users to print any of their photographs uploaded on Ibibo on various merchandize. Similar services are also available at and among various other websites. is now moving into a high growth phase and is working towards rapid market acquisition. Myntra is the first company to launch such an offering in India and is steadily working towards new product innovation to enhance its market offering. “We have established that Indian market is ready for such an offering and are very bullish about the outlook for next few years” says CEO, Mukesh Bansal. The company is a trendsetter in this space as it has added a new dimension to the idea of self expression and personalized gifting. holds a lot of promise and is a company to watch out for in the days to come. is an online marketplace for on-demand personalized merchandise for users to shop, sell or create unique custom products. core team comprises of IIT & IIM graduates who bring to the table an exquisite blend of technical/entrepreneurial skill sets with a proven track record in India and overseas. provides various customization tools, an easily navigable user interface and a vibrant community of designers to have a one of its kind offering in India. They have state of the art back end fulfilment to ensure high product quality and have partnered with one of the leading courier companies to ensure fast and reliable delivery anywhere in India.