MindLeaders now offers two food safety e-Learning courses

MindLeaders now offers two food safety e-Learning courses

Certified professional food safety courses now offered by leading e-learning company specializing in employee development and leadership training.

Columbus, OH - With over twenty six years of experience, MindLeaders is the established leader in employee development and leadership training. MindLeaders today announced two Certified Food Safety courses, an addition to their catalog of over 2,000 e-learning courses.

"We are excited to enter the retail food industry and add two new courses to the MindLeaders e-learning catalog that has been used to successfully train nearly 10 million employees worldwide," says Paul MacCartney, President of MindLeaders. "It is our goal to make food safety training courses that are engaging, effective and enjoyable for both food safety managers and staff."

The food safety courses offered by MindLeaders are:

  • Certified Professional Food Manager. This leadership development course is designed for food safety managers. The extensive detail of this course is the equivalent of a traditional two-day off-site instructor-led course but at a fraction of the cost-per-employee. Once the online training courses have been completed, food safety managers will take a final exam which, when successfully completed, leads to the appointment of the title Certified Professional Food Manager.

  • Certified Professional Food Handler. This employee training course is designed for kitchen and wait staff. This e-learning course can be completed in as little as two hours in time increments that are the most accommodating to the trainees' schedule and responsibilities.

    "Prometric is our certification and testing partner. They are the recognized global leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services," explains MacCartney. "Prometric's Certified Professional Food Manager testing process is accredited by the American National Standards Institute, recognized by the Conference for Food Protection and accepted in every state jurisdiction in the United States."

    MindLeaders' Certified Food Safety e-learning courses (PDF) can be delivered to e-learners online or by a freestanding tablet PC called the eL-Box™. The eL-Box™ is an up-to-date, user-friendly platform that removes the logistical barriers of e-learning in order to accommodate companies that cannot dedicate a private office for employee training.

    Both employers and local store managers can view employee training progress online. Course data is collected from each trainee and stored on the eL-Box™. The information is sent to MindLeaders web-based administration platform, MindLeaders Central for synchronization and analysis. With MindLeaders Central, course administrators can log in remotely to view course statistics, progress and results.

    A free, full functioning online demo of this new Food Safety courseware is available at www.MindLeaders.com/FoodSafety.