Microsoft posts Vista SP1 blacklist

Microsoft posts Vista SP1 blacklist

12 programs (at least) will not work with upgrade - but most can be patched to do so

Microsoft has posted a list of programs that will not work properly with Service Pack 1, the first major update for update for Vista due for release in the middle of next month – and it says there may be more.

SP1 will actually block six of the programs from loading, a further three will not run, and three more will lose some functions. Links with all but three of the following take you to patches or upgrades that restore compatibility; in the case of the Allegiance, Fujitsu and Novell products, they take you to further information.

Blocked products are: BitDefender AV or Internet Security version 10; Fujitsu Shock Sensor version; Jiangmin KV Antivirus 2008 and version 10; Trend Micro Internet Security 2008; Zone Alarm Security Suite version 7.1.078.

These will fail to run: Iron Speed Designer 5.0.1; Xheo Licensing 3; Free Allegiance 2.

These will not work fully: NYT Reader 1; Rising Personal Firewall 2007; Novell ZCM Agent 10.01.

Microsoft warns that the list may not be comprehensive.