Maverick signs IWB deal

Maverick signs IWB deal

AV distributor adds Luidia’s eBeam range of interactive whiteboards to portfolio

Maverick Presentation Products is to distribute Luidia’s eBeam range of
interactive whiteboards, bringing the products to a wider reseller base in the UK.

Luidia claims it can convert any dry-wipe board or flat surface into an
interactive whiteboard with the full range of functions, but for less than half
the price of an equivalent-sized board.

The potential market for the products should be expanded beyond education,
argued Maverick business unit manager Darren Sainsbury. “The eBeam is useful and
affordable for all types of organisations. There is good potential for the eBeam
range in the corporate and SME markets.”

Andi Brabin, Luidia’s sales manager, said Maverick could help the company open
up new markets.

“We will work closely with Maverick so that reseller partners understand our products and the benefits they deliver," he said.

Maverick has promised an aggressive marketing campaign, coupled with a bundled eBeam range with leading projector brands and other AV products, so resellers have a value proposition to offer customers.

Sainsbury enthused about the versatility of the range. “You can control any
desktop from any board or flat surface. You can annotate over PowerPoint or any
other application and import, save and manipulate annotations and captured
objects. You can also create dynamic content for increased interaction locally
and through the internet to remote locations,” he said.