Malware writers team up for virus testing

Malware writers team up for virus testing

Distributed teams take malware to new levels

Cyber-criminals and malware writers are looking for ways to test their creations before distributing them, according to research carried out by security firm PandaLabs.

An investigation conducted by the malware analysis and detection laboratory found that cyber-crooks are collaborating on different forums and internet sites.

The malware writers are attempting to develop test tools that replicate the scans of some of the leading security suites available to consumers and enterprises.

Panda Security believes this allows hackers to thoroughly check that their creations will be undetected before thay are launched.

"The tool is very similar to Hispasec's legitimate Virus Total tool," said Luis Corrons, technical director at PandaLabs.

"In fact, the increasing interest in these new tools coincides with the removal of the 'do not distribute the sample' option in Virus Total which allowed files to be scanned without sending the sample to security companies."

Corrons added that these tools represent another piece of the new malware dynamic in which cyber-crooks no longer seek to cause widespread alerts and make the headlines, but to go unnoticed.

"Even if their creations were detected by one or two companies, they could still launch them as they would affect all users with different security technologies," said Corrons.