LogicaCMG informs firms on energy efficiency

LogicaCMG informs firms on energy efficiency

New research from LogicaCMG says enterprise need new technology to tackle green ambitions

Research by IT services firm LogicaCMG has highlighted the need for businesses to employ new technologies to measure energy efficiency.

European businesses will struggle to hit government targets for the low carbon economy as they have no easy and consistent way of measuring their impact on the environment, according to the firm.

Simon Perry, of independent analyst firm ThinkingString, said, “Companies face a lot of challenges when it comes to how they are consuming energy.”

It was revealed 92 per cent of 200 leading European companies were in particular need of technology which would enable them to improve their energy efficiency. Along with this, 74 per cent needed a way to measure their impact on the environment, with 72 per cent stating they would welcome a technology that helped them manage and monitor non-compliance risks.

“Many companies have implemented some kind of spreadsheet to help monitor their emissions, but they are prone to errors and aren’t secure enough,” said Nick Caplan, chief marketing officer, LogicaCMG.

The research also showed that over 90 per cent of companies believe the government cannot make the required changes for the low carbon economy without the support of business.

Ian Parkes, director of Coleman Parkes, said, “It seems there is some way to go before business and government is joined up. Offering organisations technology to help them achieve their aims is one key way of ensuring we make our targets.”

Perry agrees, “The government need to provide a standardised model so businesses know where their emissions are coming from.”