Let There Be Love

Let There Be Love

Valentine’s Day might be just around the corner but if you can’t face the flower shop and texting ‘I luv u’ won’t do the trick then pop into your local Gamestation for some romantic gift ideas.

The guys at Gamestation spend most of the year checking out the hottest games and the coolest consoles but, this year, they’ve taken time out to draw up a list of gift ideas for Feb 14th that should deliver the desired results.

Gifts for Girls
Even colour-blind blokes know that you can’t go wrong with red or pink on Valentines’ Day so check out a nice Nintendo Pink T Shirt for £9.99 or splash out on a fun and functional Beanie Hat, there are several to choose from and all cost £9.99.

If your budget stretches a little further then why not consider a pink Ipod Nano for £129 or a pink leather Ipod case for only £12.99. She’ll still appreciate it long after the flowers have wilted or the chocolates have been eaten.

Gifts for Guys
Most girls will be well aware that the fastest way to a man’s heart is to take an active interest in all that entertains him. Sadly, Gamestation doesn’t sell beer or footie tickets but they do stock the best games on the planet. Their Valentines recommendations might not sound the most romantic of gifts but they do know their stuff.

For Xbox 360, choose between Devil May Cry 4 or Burnout Paradise. For Wii, go for Mario and Sonic Olympics or Ghost Squad. For the PS3, it has to be Assassins Creed or Call of Duty 4.

Gift for you
If cupid’s missed the target in 08 and there’s no date for Feb 14th then don’t waste time worrying. Gamestation have all the essentials for a ‘great night in’ so why not treat yourself to some serious games playing courtesy of Turok (PS3), The Club (Xbox 360) or Super Mario Galaxy (Wii).

Gamestation has stores nationwide but if there isn’t one near to you then you can also shop online at www.gamestation.co.uk.