Leader: Raising security awareness

Leader: Raising security awareness

TechTaxi's comment on the stories of the week

Another week, another data security initiative is launched. Given the rising tide of threats facing firms, and the frequent occurrence of high-profile data breaches, the launch of the Information Security Awareness Forum (Isaf) might seem like another feeble industry response to a seemingly insurmountable problem.

But by focusing on the weakest point in any information security strategy – the individual – this new initiative has a chance to make a difference to the security environment of enterprises. If Isaf can make good its promises to plug any gaps and communicate a clear, coherent message to all involved parties, the forum could be a welcome voice of authority among the often conflicting messages given by existing providers of advice in this area.

In many organisations, IT teams are unfairly given the task of leading security awareness-raising campaigns, and because they have neither the funds nor the experience to do this effectively, the end result is that staff continue to ignore or circumvent security processes. If this scheme genuinely targets the issue of effectively increasing knowledge, better security could follow.

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