Kids shun books for PCs - RM

Kids shun books for PCs - RM

UK students believe that PCs, and not books, are the key to landing a good job, according to survey by system builder

IT education reseller RM has announced the results of its School Gate Survey, revealing that 70 per cent of UK students believe the key to landing a good job is the ability to use technology, instead of having access to more books and money.

Surveying 11-16 year olds across the country, the aim was to discover how new technology is changing the way that Britain’s young people learn today.

Some 97 per cent of students across the country said they used a computer during the course of their school week, with 62 per cent agreeing that it helps them to learn better.

78 per cent of Britain’s pupils prefer to do their homework on a laptop or computer instead of with a pen and paper.

More pupils in the south have regular access to a laptop or computer at school compared to other regions. Computer access across the whole of Britain was found to be at 68 per cent.

Tim Pearson, chief executive of RM, said: “Learning really has embraced the digital world, and with new technology a crucial part of young people’s lives it is not perhaps so surprising that they respond so positively to learning using ICT.”

The survey also revealed that 99 per cent of UK students have access to a laptop or computer in the home, with 49 per cent owning their own personal laptop.

The largest proportion -100 per cent - of 11-16 year olds having access to a laptop or computer in the home was found in the north-west of England.

“While the number of households owning laptops or PCs is increasing every year, there is still a need for those without access to be given flexible options for joining the digital revolution,” added Pearson.

In response to the survey’s findings, RM has launched its RM Asus minibook, which aims to provide schools with a new style of computing by combining the internet, interactive programmes and working software in a laptop available for students on loan from their school.

Pearson added: “The RM Asus MiniBook provides a flexible and lightweight solution to this. We know that where schools are already using this technology, there is an increase in laptop loan schemes being rolled out where pupils are able to easily take the laptop home with them.”