ChooseYourMail's innovative solution solves Junk Mail problem

ChooseYourMail's innovative solution solves Junk Mail problem

The scourge of unwanted direct mail could be a thing of the past with today’s launch of ChooseYourMail, a new online service at

The service allows consumers to register their preferences and to receive direct mail only from companies and lifestyle sectors that interest them.

Currently, consumers have to decide between either opting-out of receiving direct mail altogether or else opting-in and receiving hundreds of mail pieces from companies that are of no interest. However, because the opt-out solution (the Mailing Preference Service run by the Direct Marketing Association) prevents consumers from getting mail from companies that would be of interest, consumers are often unsure over whether to register with that service., by contrast, allows consumers a third way whereby they can opt-in to receive direct mail only from lifestyle sectors and companies that are of interest, allowing them to be in total control of the direct mail they choose to receive.

Each year, more than 3.4 billion pieces of direct mail are delivered throughout the UK and research undertaken by shows that upwards of 60% of people throw more than half of everything they receive straight into the bin whilst a third throw away more than 90% without giving it a second glance.

The research, conducted by pollsters the Leadership Factor, also reveals statistics about the type of direct mail people least like to receive, with more than half suggesting that financial offers were their least favourite mailings, with charities also faring particularly poorly.

Mark Jackson, a partner at, says:
“The results of our research clearly show that consumers do not want to receive mailings from companies in which they have no interest. However, it must be remembered that businesses are also trying to cut wastage, and that’s where we can assist too and in the process help reduce environmental pollution.”

He added, “It’s clear that people want to take control of what comes through their letter-box. At we are giving people that choice by allowing them to select the direct mail they receive. For example, if a woman is interested in fashion, she can subscribe to for free and choose to be contacted just by certain fashion companies whose products she wants to buy.”