Jasper Wireless Helps Minteos Safeguard the Environment

Jasper Wireless Helps Minteos Safeguard the Environment

Marco Brini CEO of MinteosService platform to provide quick and reliable global communications for groundbreaking natural hazard detection systems

Sunnyvale, Calif. – Jasper Wireless, the licensed global machine-to-machine (M2M) mobile operator, today announced that Minteos is using the Jasper Wireless service to provide quick and reliable wireless service around the world to its NaturAlert suite of natural hazard detection systems. NaturAlert is a groundbreaking platform which allows fully automated monitoring of remote areas and a quick propagation of alerts, as well as the forwarding of useful information.

“Jasper Wireless is exclusively focused on wireless M2M services, providing us with exactly the network performance, control and global reach that we needed,” said Marco Brini, CEO of Minteos. “Minteos is developing and marketing its NaturAlert platform on an international scale, and the ability to work with only one service provider around the world provides us with exceptional additional value.”

“Minteos is breaking new ground with an innovative approach to natural hazard detection, a market that is set to grow steadily in the near future,” said Cindy Patterson, executive vice president international at Jasper Wireless. “Our service is designed for this type of mission-critical use, with fully redundant geographically-dispersed data centres and high speed network communications made possible by our mobile operator partners. These capabilities ensure that time-sensitive information reaches its destination quickly, reliably and securely.”

Minteos to leverage Jasper Wireless’s global scale
Minteos develops and markets a range of platforms that provide accurate and timely environmental monitoring. Its comprehensive suite, called NaturAlert, provides extensive natural hazard detection, including a set of specialised modules: Minteos FireLess for the detection of wildfires; Minteos FloodAlert for the detection of floods; and Minteos LandAlert for the detection of landslides. The three modules are based on a network of distributed sensors deployed in the field, which are equipped with Jasper Wireless M2M Global SIMs to provide constant and automated connectivity on an international scale.

The M2M service, provided by Jasper Wireless, powers Minteos’s NaturAlert platform in many different ways. In the case of a natural hazard emergency, an alert is automatically generated from the NaturAlert platform and communicated through the Jasper Wireless service platform. The alert can reach the responsible rescue team in less than 40 seconds, potentially saving lives and valuable property. In non-emergency situations, the sensors send useful information such as temperature, humidity and wind speed to their gateways, enabling Minteos’s central system to verify that the sensors are working properly, without needing to send technical personnel onsite. Minteos employees access real-time information about their communications service available through the Jasper Wireless M2M Control Centre. With this web-based application, they can control every aspect of their communication service, including provisioning, billing and diagnostics.

Jasper Wireless offers local service in over 45 countries and territories, and is growing every month, giving Minteos the option to seamlessly expand into new international markets.