Jajah plays Cupid to Valentines

Jajah plays Cupid to Valentines

Cheap calls mean more time to chat

Over-40s will spend most of their call saying goodbye to their loved ones this Valentines Day, according to internet telephony provider Jajah.

New research from the company shows that a quarter of the baby boomer generation feel reluctant to hang up the phone and rely on the other person to end the call first.

As a result it claims Valentines Day calls using its service will be 98 per cent cheaper than any other call providers. Call rates will vary depending on the country being phoned but calling Germany and Italy from the UK will cost 1.8p per minute. Calls to the US will cost 1.6p a minute, and calls to India will cost 4.1p a minute.

Those using the Valentines service between 12pm on 13 February and 12pm on 14 February will also be entered into a prize draw for a trip to Paris.