IPTV limited to niche services

IPTV limited to niche services

Technology will not see uptake in most territories

IPTV is failing to deliver and will remain a niche product in many markets, according to industry experts.

Neil Anderson, vice president of global services at Spirent Communications, said that the technology is being held back by a lack of understanding which is making it unattractive to consumers.

"The providers do not understand the architecture and the design required to support the quality of experience that customers are used to," he said.

"Telcos using IPTV to capture the market traditionally monopolised by cable TV should be taken with a grain of salt."

Colin Mann, managing editor of IPTV International, agreed that uptake had not been impressive in most territories. "IPTV will continue to be a niche product in many markets," he said.

Mann told at a panel debate at NetEvents in Barcelona that, although he had earmarked IPTV as a "disruptive technology" two years ago, the "only thing it has disrupted is people's viewing pleasure".