InnoPath Software Announces Major Initiatives to Accelerate Deployment and Use of Mobile Device Management

InnoPath Software Announces Major Initiatives to Accelerate Deployment and Use of Mobile Device Management

New Initiatives Include Self-Care Portals, Standards-Based Enterprise Management, Open Testing Initiatives, and Hosted FOTA

London – At the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, InnoPath Software, the leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM), will introduce three major initiatives that will accelerate the deployment of MDM globally. Through programs that deliver advanced customer care, enterprise device management, and the removal of barriers to MDM adoption, InnoPath is driving the global uptake and rollout of mobile device management services.

InnoPath’s new customer care portal eliminates the customer service barrier by introducing a personalized, easy-to-use web-based MDM interface for subscribers and front-line customer care personnel. Subscribers can now manage their own devices, including diagnosis and repair for device problems, or lock and wipe if their device is lost or stolen. The self-care portal reduces service calls, increases customer satisfaction, and simplifies the introduction of new services. Mobile operators further benefit as front-line customer care personnel using the portal can diagnose and fix problems with one click, offer new services, and turn on premium handset features. The easy-to-use self-care portal also eliminates the need for advanced training, thus reducing up-front MDM deployment complexity and associated costs.

“Savvy suppliers that transition Mobile Device Management from a service that’s limited to a few, highly skilled individuals within the operator, to one that extends broadly across multiple tiers of the organization and out to the subscriber recognize critical needs of the customer care organization,” said Stephen Drake, Program Director, Mobile Enterprise at IDC. “Such a transition will go a long way to furthering device management acceptance and use within the operator.”

Mobile device management is also a key strategic concern for the enterprise. With the growing popularity of smartphones, including those brought onto the corporate network by employees, standards-based management becomes critical. InnoPath is the first vendor to implement the Open Mobile Alliance-Device Management (OMA-DM) Software Component Management Object (SCoMO) standard for application management, enhancing interoperability and helping eliminate isolated management silos. A second key part of InnoPath’s solution is a device management client for the dynamic nature of open operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Symbian. The InnoPath client can be shipped with the phone or pushed after deployment, and is easily upgraded later to support new services and evolving standards. Using InnoPath's new enterprise portal, IT managers can manage devices enterprise-wide, including device configuration, security, and application management.

In order to help operators realize the full potential of MDM in both the consumer and enterprise markets, InnoPath is committed to removing barriers to mobile device management adoption worldwide with new innovate services and MDM technology:

• InnoPath clients and servers are standards-based, adhering to OMA-DM and other industry standards, ensuring support for the greatest number of mobile devices.

• InnoPath recognizes that up-front testing costs and complexities can slow the deployment of mobile device management solutions. In response, InnoPath offers open, risk-free, hosted OMA-DM testing for operators, device manufacturers, and third-party DM client vendors. InnoPath is working to ensure MDM will work on every device, every time.

• InnoPath understands that the ability to recognize and properly configure new handsets in the network is critical. In response, InnoPath’s Integrated Device Configuration Repository (iDCR) is the first to support the existing base of Open Mobile Alliance-Client Provisioning (OMA-CP) devices in addition to the richer feature sets of OMA-DM handsets.

• InnoPath recognizes that MDM needs are expanding beyond CDMA and GSM networks to new technologies. In response, InnoPath has a phased fixed-mobile convergence strategy. The first target is WiMAX, with future plans to address fixed devices such as home or office gateways.

• InnoPath appreciates that operators may prefer a hosted MDM solution. In response, InnoPath has partnered with WDSGlobal to deliver the DeviceUpdate hosted firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) service. WDSGlobal is a leading provider of wireless lifecycle management and support solutions for mobile operators, handset manufacturers and content providers.

MDM has grown from a first generation firmware-only solution to an integrated offering that combines customer care, enterprise support, security, and application management. InnoPath has been there since the beginning, and remains committed to helping carriers and their customers reap the benefits of mobile device management services.

“InnoPath, through its Tier 1 operator deployments and handset vendor partnerships, uniquely understands the evolution of the mobile device management space,” said John Fazio, CEO of InnoPath. “Our announcements today focusing on customer care, the enterprise, and reducing barriers to adoption, are evidence of the leadership role we are playing within OMA-DM and will fast-track the deployment of standards-based device management globally.”

InnoPath will be demonstrating its complete suite of standards-based server and client solutions at the Mobile World Congress in Hall 1, Booth 1F39. Additional information is available at