Imagination Technologies And Sharp Demonstrate The World’s Most Advanced Multi-Standard Mobile TV Module At MWC 2008

Imagination Technologies And Sharp Demonstrate The World’s Most Advanced Multi-Standard Mobile TV Module At MWC 2008

MWC, Barcelona - Imagination Technologies, a leader in System-on-Chip Intellectual Property (SoC IP) – is demonstrating Sharp Corporation’s new and highly advanced multi-standard, mobile TV module that incorporates Imagination’s mobile TV IP.

Sharp has developed the VA3B5EZ915, the world's first dual-mode tuner module supporting both DVB-H and T-DMB terrestrial mobile digital broadcast reception. The receiver is highly integrated, featuring a high performance RF tuner LSI from Sharp, combined with baseband SoC also from Sharp that incorporates Imagination’s ENSIGMA UCC multi-standard demodulator technology and META MTX embedded 32-bit processor.

Sharp’s multi-standard mobile TV receiver module is being shown at Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona from February 11th – 14th on the Imagination Technologies booth (Hall 2, Stand 2A05).

The receiver module containing both the baseband receiver and RF tuner has extremely low power consumption of around 43mW for DVB-H reception. Its impressive compact and low-profile package is just 8.0 x 8.0 x 1.25 mm.

Sharp’s VA3B5EZ915 tuner module is designed to be embedded in a wide range of portable devices including phones and media players where compact size, low profile form factor, and low power consumption are key. The result is a dual-mode tuner module that supports both DVB-H and T-DMB broadcasts to complement a portable device’s other functions without significantly reducing battery life. The Sharp module is now being evaluated by leading OEMs and systems integrators.

Says Ryutaro Egawa, General Manager, RF Devices Division, Electronic Components Group, Sharp Corporation: "Sharp is well known as a leading supplier of advanced components and modules for digital TV and 1-seg mobile TV, which we ship to many key manufacturers as well as Sharp itself. We intend to continue our success in global mobile TV markets by further expanding our mobile multimedia technologies. As part of this, we are very pleased to be working with Imagination Technologies, who we recognize are a world leader in multi-standard mobile TV demodulation."

Tony King-Smith, VP marketing, Imagination Technologies observed: "Imagination Technologies is a major player in mobile TV technologies. We have been very impressed with Sharp’s implementation of our unique multi-standard solution in their state-of-the-art mobile TV module. The VA3B5EZ915 is a module that demonstrates Sharp’s ability to achieve the highest levels of system level integration; the result is a high performance, extremely compact form factor and low-power module solution which we expect to be an industry leader. We believe that the result of our partnership with Sharp, a major blue chip supplier of multimedia technologies, demonstrates the true capabilities of our UCC-based receiver IP platform and its relevance to the global markets.”

Imagination Technologies’ ENSIGMA UCC family of mobile TV receiver IP cores enables SoCs to provide multi-standard mobile TV reception in the same country and roam between countries with different standards. By supporting multiple standards on the same IP core, Imagination’s licensing partners are significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for global mobile TV technology, whilst enabling OEMs to build products that can be configured by software during deployment to meet regional or commercial requirements. The new generation UCC230 supports the widest range of standards available on a single receiver platform, including: DVB-H, DVB-T, 1seg, 3seg and 13seg ISDB-T, DAB-IP and T-DMB as well as DAB and DAB+ digital radio and FM radio with RDS. Imagination has four publicly announced licensees, including Sharp, for its multi-standard ENSIGMA UCC receiver IP core.