IBM has updated its storage portfolio

IBM has updated its storage portfolio

IBM has announced updates to its N7000 and director-class storage products

IBM has released updates across its storage family, including adding capacity of up to 1,176 terabytes to its high-end N series enterprise range.

The new N7700 and N7900 models are designed to improve datacentre scalability through the capacity upgrade, and let firms consolidate their SAN and NAS storage needs into a single system.

Another release, IBM System Storage SAN768B, offers a 100 per cent improvement in data transfer speeds compared to the previous generation of products, according to the vendor.

The N7000 series updates will be available on 18 April. The N7700 is priced from £64,000, while the N7900 starts at £97,000. SAN768B is due to ship on Friday, priced from £199,000.

In the information retention space, IBM unveiled its System Storage DR550 v4.5, available in two models. The DR1 is a 25U tall pre-integrated rack, aimed at mid-market firms, while the DR2, which is packaged in a larger 36U tall rack and offers dual-node configuration options, is more suitable for large enterprises. Both will be available on 29 February.