HyperX gives gamers an overclocking edge

HyperX gives gamers an overclocking edge

Kingston boosts its gamers market presence with memory module for overclocking

Kingston Technology aims to bolster its position in the lucrative games market with the release of HyperX, a memory module designed for overclockers to boost PC performance.

Customising motherboards to maximise the performance of various components, a process known as overclocking, has long been a requirement for gamers and creative artists. The gaming market alone is worth hundreds of millions of pounds in the UK.

HyperX’s memory modules are designed and made by Kingston Technology to offer high speeds, low latencies and lower voltages, which makes overclocking possible and gives gamers the chance to achieve better thermal conditions in their gaming rigs.

The initiative is a strategic move to make a grab for the gamers market, said Ann Keefe, sales manager at Kingston Technology. “These modules are designed and qualified in-house through careful selection of memory components that are assembled and thoroughly tested for high-end performance,” she said.

“In addition, all HyperX memory modules carry special heat spreaders for optimum thermal diffusion to avoid overheating.”

The HyperX product family also includes speciality memory, such as Nvidia SLI Ready and Intel XMP compatible modules. The HyperX memory range is available in different speeds, latencies and capacities ­ in DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 ­ to meet the needs of all levels of PC enthusiasts. Kingston Technology HyperX memory is supported with a lifetime warranty and free 24/7 technical support.

The modules will be marketed to retailers, e-tailers and system integrators through distributors. Kingston promises to offer resellers and distributors more marketing resources for this product, said Keefe.

“This is a people business, so service makes all the difference. There is always a human at the end of the line and our telephone numbers are not premium rate,” he said.

Kingston marketing manager Toby Felder promised better support for the channel: “There will be more human support via access to local channel marketing managers.”

Kingston will also offer self-help online support through its partner programme and with the assistance of Kingston Academy ­ Kingston’s online memory training resource.

Meanwhile, Kingston is planning a series of invitation-only roadshows for select resellers in March to help key partners develop better market strategies, said a representative.