How To Hack An iPhone

How To Hack An iPhone

In its first few months on the market, Apple sold 4 million iPhones, but 1.7 million of those iPhones weren't activated on AT&T's network. Where are they?

All over the world, apparently, being hacked and sold to work with GSM networks from Germany to Australia to China to Saudi Arabia, according to reseller Wireless Imports.

With a small orange device that you can buy for $179, Wireless Imports demonstrates in the following slides how to make your iPhone work on any GSM network -- even T-Mobile's here in the U.S. (although users should not upgrade their phones with Apple's 1.1.3 software update if they want this to work.)

First of all, users have to use Jailbreak to unlock their iPhones, which should take about five minutes, according to Wireless Imports.

Next, you get yourself one of these handy orange devices -- almost paper thin with a chip in the corner that somehow fools your iPhone into thinking it's working off an AT&T SIM card.

You'll want your SIM card to look like the one on the right.

Which will require cutting the corner off with scissors...

...So that it looks like this.

Place your cut SIM card in the iPhone's SIM card tray.

Then, place the orange device over the SIM card so that the chip on the card sits where you cut.

Return SIM card and tray to iPhone and la voila!

Within minutes a demo iPhone registered that it was on the T-Mobile network when a pay-as-you-go T-Mobile SIM card was used.