Hire Thru SMS - TimesJobs.com's XpressHire Promotional Offer

Hire Thru SMS - TimesJobs.com's XpressHire Promotional Offer

Recruiters Can Now SMS & Receive Applications from Job-Seekers Through TimesJobs.Com

In the pursuit to provide the best and the most efficient recruitment solutions to its clients, TimesJobs.com presents XpressHire. A service that enables recruiters to send SMS to targeted or even multiple candidates at a single click and receive their responses and applications.

XpressHire not only optimizes the recruitment process but also caters to the need of fast and urgent recruitments, specializing the hiring process for TimesJobs users. Using XpressHire recruiters can send SMS to selected multiple candidates with a single click through TimesJobs.com. The recruiter can also send SMS to candidates from their own databases i.e., even to non-TimesJobs.com registered users.

Speaking of this innovation, Mr. Rajeev Gaur, VP, Times Business Solutions said, “Recruiters can now not only contact candidates through e-mail and phone calls, through TimesJobs.com’s XpressHire service, they can send SMS to candidates as well. Candidates can directly respond immediately and send their applications through SMS, and applications received via SMS are automatically forwarded to the recruiter’s inbox on TimesJobs.com, without the candidate ever having to access the internet.”

XpressHire not only receives SMS applications, but empowers recruiters with MIS tools that enable them to view responses and SMS usage statistics for a particular activity, inbox or on the whole. XpressHire also allows recruiters to sends customised SMS’s to single or multiple candidates and create 20 different SMS templates, for them to use as and when required.

This unique, cost effective service makes the recruiting process almost instantaneous and drastically reduces turnaround time. XpressHire also allows recruiters to download and save the SMS responses in a spreadsheet for their reference use and archive.

XpressHire is a boon for recruiters who are looking to fill single positions, holding walk-ins or would like to reach-out to a number of candidates individually and simultaneously. It also has a multiplier effect in terms of responses to jobs listings made by recruiters on the TimesJobs.com website.

While emails, might be deleted, or sent into bulk mail, or go unread for long periods of time, an SMS is instantaneous and is read immediately thus XpressHire proves to be the ultimate hiring tool for recruiters as it is sure to hit the target and get the response desired.

TimesJobs.com is offering a promotional scheme of 500 free SMS with a validity of 1 month to clients who have bought or will buy (starting today till 29th Feb 08) the TimesJobs.com Database Products with an activation date anytime before 1st Mar 08.