Harbinger Knowledge Products makes teaching science more interesting with innovative games

Harbinger Knowledge Products makes teaching science more interesting with innovative games

The Entomological Foundation partners with Harbinger Knowledge Products for teaching kids science through insects with the help of innovative game-based multimedia content

The Entomological Foundation, a national 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization in USA has partnered with Harbinger Knowledge Products, the innovator of award-winning products and services and recognized global leader in the elearning space, for design and development of innovative game-based online learning content for K3 and K4 grade audience.

The objective of the online content is to better reflect the Foundation’s mission “to build a future for entomology by educating young people about science through insects” by offering educational interactive activities.

“This is a special initiative because educating children about the exciting world of insects and their role in our environment through the use of interactive multimedia activities is quite a challenging task. The self-learning content should not only bring compelling visuals for retaining engagement of a child but should also follow innovative instructional strategy ensuring learning-through-fun at the end. Finally, we have to keep in mind that the multimedia content should load fast even in slow Internet connection, or else children will lose interest. We found Harbinger as the ideal partner to work with for its demonstrated capability and experience in interactive content design and development and technology understanding”, said April Gower, Executive Vice President, The Entomological Foundation.

Harbinger will design and develop a series of interactive games and learning activities, which will be accessible through the Foundation’s website.

“We are glad to associate with the Foundation in this unique initiative. Learning science through insects is a unique concept and applying game-based multimedia method for this is ideal for kids to learn meaningfully in an online environment. I congratulate the Foundation for taking this step. Harbinger is well known for its ground breaking contributions and leadership in interactive content development and this association once again underlines Harbinger’s forte as a specialized company in interactive learning content development space”, said Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director of Harbinger Group.