GSS pilots first ever SME anti-virus service

GSS pilots first ever SME anti-virus service

Security reseller dips a toe into managed services

Security reseller GSS has dipped a toe into the managed services space with the pilot launch of a managed anti-virus offering for SMEs.

Aimed at the 50-user market, it is GSS’ first ever 24x7 managed service. Rival security integrators, including Integralis, MIS Corporate Defence Solutions and Vistorm, have been in the market for years.

David Hobson, managing director at GSS, said the VAR was adopting a cautious stance due to recent high-profile failures and increased competition in the sector.

“We have seen investments in this area go sour,” he explained. “If it is done correctly, it is obviously profitable, but it is a difficult market, especially with many of the larger vendors wanting to get involved.”
Graham Jones, chief operating officer at Integralis, said a soft approach was the best way to enter the market.

"GSS is right to be cautious. Managed services is a different business model and certainly at the low end ­ which I see as web, email and AV ­ the market is becoming more competitive.”

He added: “You cannot just build an offering and hope people come flocking without doing a lot of market research. We are still fine-tuning our strategy and have been in the market for 15 years.”

Hobson declined to reveal which vendor GSS’ offering was based on and how it would deliver the service if the pilot proved successful.