Glu Mobile unveils initial line-up of titles coming to Nokia N-Gage

Glu Mobile unveils initial line-up of titles coming to Nokia N-Gage

Game Developers Conference 2008, San Francisco, CA and Espoo, Finland - Nokia and Glu Mobile Inc., a leading global publisher of mobile games, today announced its initial line-up of games to be launched on the N-Gage platform in 2008. The titles launching are based on two major forthcoming films from Warner Bros. Pictures, SPEED RACER and The Dark Knight, as well as Super Slam Ping Pong, a new original Glu title in the spirit of Glu's runaway hit, Super K.O. Boxing!

"We're pleased to bring these key titles from Glu to N-Gage," said Alex Galvagni, senior vice president product development and chief technology officer, Glu Mobile. "N-Gage is a great innovation in mobile gaming technology, and this line-up of games from Glu utilizes the platform capabilities to offer richly rewarding game experiences."

"These three titles are valuable additions to the N-Gage platform, and will deliver exciting gaming experiences for N-Gage players," said Gregg Sauter, Director of 3rd party publishing, Nokia. "We're delighted to further our relationship with Glu Mobile - their catalog of games is extremely strong and offers something for everyone."

Glu titles coming to N-Gage:

In this mobile game inspired by the upcoming movie, SPEED RACER players become the ultimate grand prix champion in the Mach 6. They must conquer the art of drifting, sliding, jumping and defensive driving in order to stay ahead of the pack while racing on extreme tracks with the dirtiest of competitors.

Super Slam Ping Pong!
In the spirit of Glu's runaway hit, Super K.O. Boxing, Super Slam Ping Pong is a hilarious, over-the-top game that features a cast of wacky opponents such as Master Wu-Pong and the Gnarly Gnome. Players must keep an eye out for each opponent's tell and weakness as they fill their Super Slam meter to unleash powerful slams.

The Dark Knight
Play as Batman in The Dark Knight, the thrilling action game based on Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming blockbuster film. Batman fights to eradicate street crime in Gotham City using his advanced combat skills and an array of unique gadgets. However, things take a darker turn when a new reign of chaos is unleashed on the terrified citizens of Gotham by a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker.