Global Security One revolutionises online security with launch of XGate

Global Security One revolutionises online security with launch of XGate

Global Security One (GSEC1) has launched a security device which aims to secure wireless networks, straight out of the box. XGate provides a range of benefits to both home and business users, including identity protection, secure banking and safe internet use for children through chatroom monitoring.

The pioneering device comes with a built-in firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect against banking fraud and parental controls such as web filters and remote PC shutdown via SMS. By identifying and blocking threats before they reach the computer, XGate provides a defence to ensure that personal information and sensitive data is kept truly secure.

“With the increase in criminal activity on the web, our aim is to make the internet safer, without limiting or restricting use,” comments Mark Brooks, Global Marketing Director at GSEC1. “The recent Panorama programme highlighted the potential dangers to children on the net, with 12 per cent of children admitting they have met with a stranger they found online. The explosion in social networking sites has also meant a rise in online threats, as cyber criminals create attacks targeting users of these sites to gather personal information.

“In online banking, fraud is a very real threat for many internet users. Payments association APACS says that card not present fraud is over £212 million, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to overall online financial losses. XGate provides a feature-rich solution to combat all of these common issues posed by the internet, along with identity protection, secure remote office working and other issues, enabling web services to be used more freely,” adds Mark.

As the first hardware security device, XGate eliminates the need for a separate router and security software, providing an easy to use, all in one solution for a safe internet environment. Additional functionality includes secure gaming, remote access via virtual private network and auto-configuration for simple set-up.