Gamers to test Bullguard security

Gamers to test Bullguard security

Gamers will get opportunity to test beta version

Bullguard is looking for people to beta test its Gamers’ Edition Security software, which it claims will not disturb game play.

Gamers often switch off their anti-virus and firewall protection when playing games online as the programs can slow down PCs and put gamers at a disadvantage to their opponents.

Many gamers also become frustrated by the way security application's update pop-ups interrupt their game. But disabling security software leaves PCs vulnerable to attack.

Bullguard claims its security software stops these problems as it recognises the game being played and works with its profiles to keep power consumption and pop-ups to a minimum.

To ensure it works as anticipated, the company has invited people to register on its website by 3 March for the chance to test the beta. Testers will be asked to provide feedback about the performance, which will contribute to the final version.

The best testers will get a free subscription to the final product when it is released. Prices and the anticipated release date for the full version have not been announced.