Flickr Users Bashing Microsoft In Creative Ways

Flickr Users Bashing Microsoft In Creative Ways

Now that the initial shock and awe around Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo has subsided somewhat, some of the user groups on each side are weighing in with their opinions of how the merger could affect them.

One thing's for sure: A lot of Flickr users don't like it.

A recently formed group of Flickr users is showing their abject disdain for the notion of their favorite online photo sharing community, which is owned by Yahoo, falling under the control of the evil empire.

The group, entitled 'Microsoft: Keep Your Evil Grubby Hands Off Of Our Flickr' had attracted nearly 2000 members as of Tuesday afternoon Pacific time.

Users have so far posted more than 200 Photoshopped images and hundreds of comments expressing their disgust for Microsoft. While many of the images are juvenile and uninspired, some exhibit an impressive level of forethought and creativity.

Some are even likely to make you laugh out loud. Like this one and this one and, especially, this one.


For the record, I use Gimp - not Photoshop. ;-)
I was very bad, I used M$ PowerPoint.