First free online commercial comparison and quote service for gas, electric and telecoms will save up to 35% on bills

First free online commercial comparison and quote service for gas, electric and telecoms will save up to 35% on bills

“With recession looming now is the time organisations need to make every penny count, especially when you consider they could cut utility costs by as much as 35%.” Lance Pearson Sales Director Utility Watch UK

Portsmouth UK - Organisations could save up to 20% on typical gas and electricity bills and up to 35% on telecoms costs by utilising the UK’s first free, online cost comparison, quote and brokerage service for commercial utility prices.

The new online service, launched by the leading UK commercial utility procurement consultancy, Utility Watch UK is located at By using the free service, organisations of all sizes can make initial cost comparisons for commercial utility prices and then if required contact Utility Watch UK by email, fax or phone to generate tailored quotations, for their specific business needs, which are also free of charge.

The launch of the new service which is intended to help organisations seize control over their own utility costs has been designed in response to recent Utility Watch UK survey results which revealed that 9 out of 10 companies are paying too much for gas, electric and telecoms even before the much vaunted New Year price hikes hit. SMEs and public sector organisations are likely to be amongst the biggest beneficiaries of the new service.

Says Lance Pearson, Sales Director of Utility Watch UK, “With oil running at over $100 a barrel, quadruple its price since 2002, the tabloid media are focusing on how this affects the public. However, the most significant knock on effect is with businesses. Telecom costs have risen, as the UK national supplier has just raised line rental cost by 4.8% in the last 3 months and with talk of recession around the corner, now is the time when organizations should be looking to make changes that generate real financial savings not only today but every day.”

Commenting on the rationale behind the service launch, Greg Shepherd, Director and Founder of Utility Watch UK added, “We felt it was unacceptable that the few online options available to date are either too generic, charge for their services or fail to provide professional follow through if required. If managers of organisations are to make real hard nosed decisions on reducing utility costs to an absolute minimum then they need free and anonymous access to up to date comparative data compiled by sector specialists who are on hand, if required, to convert this information into tailored quotes ready to act upon.

“With our independent collation of major suppliers we are confident that we can generate significant savings for most companies that visit the site. We will always aim to give them quotes for several different supplier options too.

“It is crucially important to go beyond the generic or paid for comparison options and provide a dedicated end to end service.”