EU agencies to access national ID register

EU agencies to access national ID register

Individuals will only be told their details have been accessed if they make a specific request

A number of European crime fighting agencies will have limited access to the national identity register, Home Office minister Meg Hillier told the Home Affairs Committee yesterday.

And individuals will only be told if their details have been shared if they make a specific request to the 'custodian' of the database.

All access will be carefully controlled, said Hillier.

"The intention is that organisations will only have access to the specific data requested, and only when they can prove they need it as part of an ongoing investigation," she said.

Hillier was unable to specify how many organisations might have access but stressed it was no different from reciprocal arrangements already in place with the Identity and Passport Service for confirming suspects' passport details.

A Home Office spokesman said: "All requests will come through the Serious Organised Crime Agency, so these organisations will not have free access to peoples' information."

The custodian of the database is yet to be decided.

Home Office statistics show that 60 per cent of the public are in favour of the national identity register and ID cards.