emedia creates B to BC marketing to target affluent professionals

emedia creates B to BC marketing to target affluent professionals

London, UK – emedia pushes the boundaries of Business to Business marketing by creating what, in fact, could be called Business to ‘Business Consumer’ marketing.

Pioneers in Business to Business email marketing since 1999, emedia publishes free opt-in email bulletins with a reader base of over one million subscribers. emedia extended its bulletin range and started emailing consumer service bulletins to its business subscription base in 2006. The range of lifestyle bulletins has grown quickly and now includes personal finance, home technology, country living, personal travel, property investment and women in business.

By targeting business subscribers, emedia is tapping into the wealthy professional pool. Nearly half of the Country Living Bulletin readers earn in excess of £75,000 a year and 30% of Property Investors Bulletin subscribers have £50,000 or more available in liquid cash.

David Clark, Managing Director at emedia comments “Permission based, targeted, focused email bulletins work very well with high net worth individuals because they already subscribe to business bulletins they find valuable for their profession. It is a very efficient and cost-effective way of approaching wealthy professionals.”

Using its RapidResearch service, emedia surveys the readership profile of its lifestyle bulletins to offer relevant and informative content and increase email response rates for its clients.

Richard Morris, Sales Director Manager at Homebuyer Events (a division of multi-national media company Expomedia PLC), organisers of the largest dedicated property exhibitions in the UK, says “We have been using emedia’s lifestyle bulletins for over a year now. When using emedia, our campaigns delivered an average number of registrations and subsequent visitors which were above our expectations. The return on investment by visitor proved to be higher than when using comparable media.”

“As a company that seeks to attract a specific profile of visitors to its events, it is essential for any media we use to be able to identify potential customers across the UK. While many data sources can deliver well in the London and South East area, a major plus of the emedia lifestyle bulletins is that they have also unlocked invaluable leads in other key areas of the UK.”

Well known consumer brands have used B to BC marketing with emedia including BT, British Airways, Dell, Equifax, Orange, and Sony.