Electrone breaks into CCTV market

Electrone breaks into CCTV market

IT peripherals vendor Electrone has teamed with IP CCTV manufacturer Sirrus Technologies in a drive to get more resellers involved with IP CCTV technology.

The partnership will see Electrone offer its System 200 control pad ­ launched in the US three years ago ­ packaged with Sirrus’ software, as part of a starter package designed to offer IT resellers an affordable way of getting into the IP CCTV market.

Stuart Thorn, president of Electrone Europe, said: “We think we are right on the money with what we are introducing. I had been looking at possibilities for expansion in the UK, so we launched the System 200 in Europe last November.”

Thorn also revealed he has no concerns about issues with the stability of his firm’s technology. “One of the ways we have overcome any security considerations is through encrypted communications and dedicated IP addresses,” he said.

“Sirrus technology also offers retrospective zoom, which in the event of an alarm allows a CCTV operator to go back, zoom in on the clip and look at everything else that was happening in that area.”

Mike Buchanan, head of marketing for Electrone Europe, said: “I think the market will open up for new types of reseller in CCTV. It is an exciting market and we are entering it at the right time.

“We have targeted the large integrators and software houses, but we are more interested in the quality of partners, rather than the quantity.”

Guy Koster, vice president of Westcon’s Technology Solutions Group, said the IP CCTV market could grow by upwards of 20 per cent this year, but the reluctance of traditional IT resellers to get involved had limited the market’s growth to date.

“There are definitely good opportunities for vendors entering the market now,” he said.