DIGITALK launches next generation Service Numbers

DIGITALK launches next generation Service Numbers

Milton Keynes, UK - DIGITALK, a leading provider of multiservice platforms and applications, today announces the launch of the next generation of its Service Numbers application. The latest release has a number of new features enabling service providers to offer number translation and inbound call management solutions to a range of business scenarios, including sales and support centres, free phone services and premium rate number services all managed via a web-self care interface.

Hosted on the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform, Service Numbers operates in both a traditional TDM or in an IP environment using the DIGITALK SIP Application Server.

Calls can be distributed to one or more numbers based on sequential or parallel hunting methods. Where there are insufficient lines available, callers can be held in a queue or routed to an alternative service.

DIGITALK Service Numbers also supports multi-level menus enabling calls to be routed according to given rules to destinations, announcements or alternative menus. Full geographic routing is supported, which allows for calls to be routed to a service based on the caller’s number enabling callers to be directed to agents providing a service in their area.

With all the above features managed via a fully partition-able web-self care interface, Service Providers have a very powerful next generation Intelligent Number management solution, enabling white-label solutions for their own reseller network.

Mark Ashdown, Sales and Marketing Director at DIGITALK commented “The latest release of Service Numbers is an important enhancement to our product portfolio as at DIGITALK we are dedicated to delivering service-ready applications for service providers with a range of business and residential customers via direct or channel sales routes.“